dimanche 29 avril 2007

mercredi 25 avril 2007

mardi 24 avril 2007

Rituals. Ubud

Daily rituals in the temple...

lundi 23 avril 2007

Basketry. Ubud

Selling what women use to bring the offerings to the temple on their head.

samedi 21 avril 2007

vendredi 20 avril 2007

Pregembal jaja. Ubud

Women do it piece by piece and two men are building the whole pregembal for the temple anniversary.Cannot be eat!

mardi 17 avril 2007

Pick up. Petulu

After the cremation, everyone is coming back home; some are more sad than others...

lundi 16 avril 2007

dimanche 15 avril 2007

Collecting bones. Petulu

Smoke. Petulu

People are searching bone pieces in the ashes, they will get them in a coconut and bring it to the river or the sea.

samedi 14 avril 2007

Burned. Petulu

Men stop the fire and get off the pieces which could burn hours and hours; the rituals have to be processed...

mardi 10 avril 2007

Burning. Petulu

The burning is just beginning, all have to be burned, it's why families members drop these objects in the fire.

Generations. Petulu

theur grandfather's bones will be burned soon in the bull representation, you can see his portrait behind them.

lundi 9 avril 2007

vendredi 6 avril 2007

Joining the strenghtes. Petulu

We are in the cremation place, men are backing up the animals representation where will be burned the dead people bones. They have to burn without fall down!

Heavy. Petulu

The animal, in which the bones will be cremated is carried on a bamboo platform, on shoulders, to the cemetery.

Bus station. Petulu

After the cremation.

mercredi 4 avril 2007

Kopeng. Petulu

A man of the village took the dress and mask of the kopeng, we are in the village , it's evening time and tomorrow the big cremation will be processed.

Watching at Rangda II. Petulu

mardi 3 avril 2007

Watching at Rangda I. Petulu

In the village, people are watching to Rangda the witch, a man of the village dressed in, everybody feels it in his own way...

Blue. Petulu

The ceremony in the village, one day before the big cremation is now ended...

Balinese house's gate. Petulu

Opposite. Petulu

Glance. Petulu

My dads plays gamelan music. Petulu

In the morning, the gamelan is playing in the village, it's now the cremation day...

lundi 2 avril 2007

Hanging from the animal representation in which will be burned the dead êople bones a drawing. It is supposed to explain what will be the future existence of her. Here the dead is a woman who like d too much physical relations during her life on earth. When I asked: "but is not there a problem to be showed to kids?" " Not at all, It's part of their education." It's true that balinese leearn very early things of life...

Girlie. Petulu

Mouth smiling and eyes crying; a nice face.

Balines house's gate. Petulu

Girls Petulu

Gate of the temple, in the evening.

dimanche 1 avril 2007

Terrific keeper. Petulu

The balinese house's gate is well keeped!

The last detail III. Petulu

The last detail II. Petulu

The last detail I. Petulu

In the village each family have built her own animal in which the dead will be burn. The cremation will be processed in a few days, this boy is doing the last details. In Bali there are casts, but not so many than in India and each one have her own animal, here it is probably a member of the "satria" cast.(middle cast).