mercredi 14 février 2007

Temple's anniversary last night VIII. Pecalang

Temple's anniversary last night VII. Pecalang

These characters are playing a part of the Ramayana story.

Temple's anniversary last night VI. Pecalang

Temple's anniversary last night V. Pecalang

Temple's anniversary last night IV. Pecalang

Temple's anniversary last night III. Pecalang

The mask dance.

Temple's anniversary last night II. Pecalang

Temple's anniversary last night I. Pecalang

THe Barong , protects the village against Rangda the bitch.

Workers II. Ubud

They were carrying sand for some house's owner, a very friendly connection between them.

Workers. Ubud

Market's temple ceremony XIV. Ubud

Market's temple ceremony XIII. Ubud

Market's temple ceremony XII. Ubud

Market's temple ceremony XI. Ubud

Market's temple ceremony X. Ubud

This holy woman read the holy pages.

Market's temple ceremony IX . Ubud

Market's temple ceremony VIII. Ubud

Market's temple ceremony VII. Ubud

In the temple...

Market's temple ceremony VI. Ubud

Too many people in this small temple...have to wait.

Market's temple ceremony V. Ubud

Market's temple ceremony IV. Ubud

Market's temple ceremony III. Ubud

Market's temple ceremony II. Ubud

Market's temple ceremony. Ubud

Offerings to the gods and praying.

mardi 13 février 2007

Kopeng VI. Ubud

Kopeng V. Ubud

very, very hot!

Kopeng IV. Ubud

Time to undress, very hot!

Kopeng III. Ubud

Wearing a new mask...

Kopeng II. Ubud

He is telling some story, in the background , the gamelan.

Kopeng I. Ubud

It is the market's temple ceremony for having good business for the year. Kopeng are these characters who often open the ceremonies in Bali. They wear traditionnal clothes, weapon and mask.

lundi 12 février 2007

The procession XVI. Ubud

and to spend a moment with dad.

The procession XV. Ubud

Time to have a drink, now.

The procession XIV . Ubud

The gamelan is now playing.

The procession XIII. Ubud

The procession arrives in Gunung Lebah temple, the sun is setted.

The procession XII. Ubud

Students too...

The procession XI. Ubud

Even the sellers are in the shopwindow to look at the procession, the umbrella's reflections can be seen on the glass.

The procession X. Ubud

The barong...

The procession IX. Ubud

The procession VIII. Ubud

The Barong, a creature who protect the village against Rangda the bitch.

The procession VII. Ubud


The procession VI. Ubud

Someones are not really interested...

The procession V. Ubud

The procession is an attraction for everyone...

The procession IV. Ubud

The idols are also carried to the G L temple.

The procession III. Ubud

The procession II. Ubud

The procession I. Ubud

From this temple, the procession goes to the Gunung Lebah temple...

Rejang dancers XIX . Pecalang

Rejang dancers XVIII . Pecalang