jeudi 25 janvier 2007

Legong dance course IV. Ubud

Legong dance course III. Ubud

Legong dance course II. Ubud

Legong dance course I. Ubud

Every sunday morning, legong dance course in Ubud. First thing: wear the sarong, not so easy...

Cremation day IX. Ubud

Another priest...

Cremation day VIII. Ubud

A much sun!

Cremation day VII. Ubud

After, they put it in a coconut, which will be carried to the sea, or a river...

Cremation day VI. Ubud

When the body is burnt, the family get the little pieces of bones and made a ritual like here, with holy water, all hands have to hold..

Cremation day V. Ubud

mardi 23 janvier 2007

Cremation day IV. Peliatan

In the background, the temple's gate.

Cremation day III. Peliatan

Before the praying they put the needed accessories while the holy woman wears her priest clothe.
In Asia white is the mourning color.

Cremation day II. Peliatan

The priest is a woman, the women in blue are here to help during the rituals and prayings.

Cremation day I. Peliatan

We are in the cremation place for higher casts people, the body is in the bull.

mardi 16 janvier 2007

A long wait I. Ubud

Independance day; all the children of the school join here before a procession with babu sticks on fire.

lundi 15 janvier 2007

Good intention, bad result...

I made a shot last year of this little girl sitting behind the group; you can see it here.
This year, I found her to give her the print; she have been so surprised and joyfull first, but the others were borrowing her, asking to see the print and laughing.In fact, they were jalous, but offended by this, she sat under the sacred banyan, holding the picture against her, hiding it to the others.I proposed a group snap to decontract the mood and divert the attention from her, but she was definitively offended.I was not very proud of me...

Bambu jogged dance XIV. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance XIII. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance XII. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance XI. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance X. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance IX. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance VIII. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance VII. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance VI. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance V. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance IV. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance III. Ubud

Bambu jogged dance II. Ubud

A serie now, about something you cannot see in the tourists-made-for performances. You will excuse the quality, I used the 350d to have a better range, the light was poor, I did not crop any of the snaps, wanting to keep the feeling of the moment.It is late, a small bamboo gamelan is playing; only balinese here, men overall.A legong dancer come (it's outside) and choose one man in the circle to dance.Some refuse some do like if they refused and agree, some are pushed by friends and escape, funny...
ISO 1600In the dance, the woman do all to seduce the man, to attrack him, but finally push him away and attrack him again...fascinating demonstration of feminine physical attraction on men in a very suggestive way.

Towel II. Ubud

Towel I. Ubud