mercredi 22 novembre 2006


A tourist from Taipei, great contrast with the sarong.


She is javanese and sell drinks she makes herself ; she brings all the bottles on her back.


On the market, a break to eat some nice mango.


During the bambu jogged dance, the woman seduces the man; the fan is a good way for a game of hide and seek the face...

vendredi 17 novembre 2006

Procession. Bentuyung

carrying the offerings to the temple, before the cremation.

Choosing clementines. Ubud

In the downstairs shaded part of the Ubud market, this is the local customers part; tourists usually dont come here, it his smelly, dark and a little bit dirty. However, in the morning,sometimes the sunlight success to come in and you can see some nice scenes like this one.

Cremation is ending. Petulu

During the cremation some women put a pot on their head, until the end of the burning.

Wayang Kulit. Ubud

Lebah temple birthday; after all the prayings, gamelan, dances, it's time (very late) for wayang kulit; kinds of flat puppets made of buffalo's skin. A man moves theese puppets and the lamp light projects a shade on a big piece of white material. In the same time , with a very loud and grave voice, he telles the story. The performance can be very long, 2or 3 hours!

Portrait. Payangan

In a small village, a man is to be cremated, everybody have to wear a white piece of material around his head. She was very curious of me.

Chicken. Ubud

This old woman is here everyday, in Ubud market. She's old and walks tilted, but she is still working. She cannot stand with a straight neck, it's why she is looking at you like this; it's not because she doesn't like you!

Sorrow. Bentuyung

Smoke is spreading everywhere, it's a painfull moment of the cremation for this woman. This object on left is a symbol of the dead people.

Portrait and drawings. Bentuyung

In this village, cremation day, everybody wear his best clothes;in this house walls are covered by drawings, they reminded me toulouse lautrec.

Offerings. Bentuyung

Offerings are brought to the cremation area by the women.

jeudi 16 novembre 2006

Sarongs. Bentuyung

A ceremony, two days before the big cremation; sarongs, sarongs, sarongs...

Dreams. Petulu

The ceremony in the temple have been very long, and it's a sleeping girl the granfather have to drive back home...

Praying. Ubud

Market's temple, praying under the banyan tree.

Bull. Petulu

After the big cremation, waiting for transport. the bull is the symbol of a politic party.

Under the banyan tree. Bentuyung

During the collective cremation, friends spend a moment under the banyan tree, sacred in Bali.

Bush. Ubud

Going by walk to a ceremony in a village, i met theese two children, first half hidden behind a bush, after they came tome...

Rejang dancer. Pecalang

Before the dance in the sacred perimeter of the temple, a moment to arrange the dressing.

Legong dance. Ubud

Last evening of the temple anniversary, legong dance is performed.

Buddhas. Ubud

Buddhas in Ubud market ...

Rejang dancer. Pecalang

Temple anniversary in Pecalang.The rejang dancers are the only one who can dance inside of the sacred perimeter.They are here a long time before, all dressed and with make-up.

A good moment to catch some expressions and moments...

Merdeka. Ubud

17 th of august is the anniversary of independance in whole Indonesia ( Merdeka).In Ubud, all the students join in the cremation place with bamboo sticks and when the evening comes ,they light them and parade in the city.But they are here a long time before, just borying...Red and white are the merdeka colors.

Bambu jogged dance. Ubud

It is late, a small bamboo gamelan is playing; only balinese here, men overall.A legong dancer come (it's outside) and choose one man in the circle to dance.Some refuse some do like if they refused and agree, some are pushed by friends and escape, funny...

In the dance, the woman do all to seduce the man, to attrack him, but finally push him away and attrack him again...fascinating demonstration of feminine physical attraction on men in a very suggestive way.

mardi 14 novembre 2006

Sorrow. Payangan

Family who can do it,make the cremation ceremony, in the days following the death.

It's very expensive and some families have to wait years and years before having the money.

In this case, the death was recent, it's not the same mood. curiously, this women weared some black veil, in Asia white is the usual color for mourning.

Tower. Payangan

In the tower, bringed by the men, is the body, who will be burned in the cremation place.

Men turn around and around to prevent the dead people' spirit from coming back home.

The tower will be burned too.

Legong dance. Ubud

The most famous dance in Bali: legong.